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Body Color Change Prices

Posted by Bob On Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Body Color Change Prices

The color of the vehicle gives a major influence on the vehicle valuation.

Popular color and unpopular color may alter used car market valuation per $1000.

When purchasing a new car, there is normally no price difference in color however, when become a used car, it is very important to know the color popularity in your car model.

So what color is the most popular color? It totally depends on the models. In General Pearl and Black are the most popular color. Normally white, silver is standard and most safe color. On the other side, blown, blue, yellow, red, green are normally unpopular color.

Therefore, our recommendation would be to search on the used car prices in different color models.

Of cause, we can advice you at any time.

Toyota Prius in Africa

Posted by Bob On Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Toyota Prius in Africa

The worlds most popular hybrid car, Toyota Prius increasing in Africa.

Personally I have driven the latest one and it is an amazing car. As soon as the it starts drives on the petrol until it worms up, it automatically switches to electric almost feels like, turned of the engine completely. You hear nothing but the car still drives really powerfully. The last model has the 73 KW and 4,000 r.p.m. The car drives silently. It is almost unfriendly to old people who would not have a clue when the car is coming.

Also I was shocked when I tried to shift change to Parking. All I had to do is to press the red button where it says “P”.

Because of the a lot of new modes are coming out, the price for the old models are coming down rapidly. Let me give you some examples,

It is now possible to purchase one landed in Mombassa port, Kenya for:

CIF US$8500 2003 model

CIF US$3500 1999 model

For me, it will take a bit to time to get used to drive on the thing.

Golden Week Holiday – Office Closed

Posted by Richard On Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Japan has a major holiday coming up shortly, our office will be closed for 1 week from May 2nd~May 9th.

The office will be open as normal from May 10th.

During this period there will be no auction data available and bidding will not be possible. If you have any questions then please contact us!

Trustful Information

Posted by Bob On Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Trustful information

In these days, purchasing cars through Internet is very common in all over the world. and we do send a lot of cars to overseas and have a lot of repeaters.

This is because the information we provide is very Trustful.

What would you do if something unexpected situations occur, and you would need to take your car to a car repair ship to do some complicated work and do some other maintenance. Then you would have a really bad image of imported cars or even bad image on Japanese people.

In dealing with used cars, we always try to give you as much information as possible.

Let me give you an example of car which one of our customer placed a bid recently.

First: translation of the inspection sheet

Shift knob scratch. wheel scratch. left rear fender panel changed. left rear pillar repaired. right rear fender changed. front and rear bumper scratch. left rear door scratch. interior grade A.

Physical inspection report:

left rear panel not changed. left rear panel repaired when open the rear interior cover visible repair job. back panel ok. right rear fender visible repainted job outside. front bumper scratch. tires front and rear 8 mm. engine and transmission ok. shift knob scratch. interior good condition.air con ok. power window ok. power steering ok. no rust underneath.

We are always checking cars if we are buying cars personally. Also the km looks genuine. Seat condition looks genuine. Of cause, sometimes it is very hard to see but if you want 20-30,000 km cars, you would expect the interior condition to be tidy. (not seats ripped or steering wheel ripped)

We always cancel our customers bids if we are not happy with the conditions.

We don’t let you down buying cars through B-spex.

Thank you.

Currently seeking for a Sales Agent in Japan

Posted by Bob On Saturday, April 17th, 2010

currently seeking for a Sales Agent in Japan

Currently we export cars to various countries but are looking to do major volume in Japan. we are looking for a Sales Agent who can work as a commission basis. We of cause organize the shipping and do all necessary documentations.

If you are interested, please let us know.



How to make your car faster!

Posted by Bob On Saturday, April 17th, 2010

How to maker your car faster.

There are some things you can do to improve your car (performance) but it is totally depends on your budget.

The computer: Now days almost all the cars are relied on computers in other words car can be adjusted the amount of air and fuel by touching the computer. There are wide range of computers you can get from $150 to over thousand dollars.

Computer will increases the horse power (HP) of your car but there is always a down side to it. It will not be economical as used to be.

Camshafts: After market Camshaft basically gives more fuel and air mixture in order to contribute more power. it is like a door opening and closing. This allows more fuel and air coming to the engine to increase the top end power. it is called (High RPM).

Air filter: Allows more air to coming into the engine. This can be done very easy and can be put it back to the original easily. This allow about 3-5 % more power to your engine however it depends on the models.

Inter cooler: Another way to take more air into your car is by cooling the air. it is like the lice cubic it has more density. same as the air, gives more contribution when more air put in.

Muffler: it is more efficient to remove the muffler gases as quickly as possible from the engine. It is illegal to remove the Catalytic converter to get more gages out of your car. It give and protect the harmful air gasses to come out.

But remember there is always pros and cons to modify your car. Modifying is boosting the engine more than the factory standard which means engine will worn out faster. So very careful what you are doing.

Car export cost calculator (FOB, C&F, CIF)

Posted by Richard On Friday, April 16th, 2010

We have a new feature on our website that we are sure you will find useful!

Export cost calculator

Using this calculator you can check how much it will cost to get vehicles to your port of destination. The calculator is linked from each car detail page on our auction website. The link will pass on the values of the chassis type, m3 size of that car when available along with the average expected selling price of your car. Look out for the link as below.

Export cost calculator link

Although the best way to get accurate data is via the car detail page. We also have a generic version of which you can enter the the input fields car cost, export fees, m3 and dollar yen exchange rate.

Click here to access the car export cost calculator from Japan

If you edit any of the costs/values the costs will update automatically.

Although this feature is working we plan to upgrade its functionality by adding more ports, including allowances for extra costs such as the JEVIC inspection. We hope to offer real time exchange rates, custom costing based on your account preferences and more accurate auction price history data.

How to find out Accident Cars?

Posted by Bob On Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

How to find out Accident Cars?

If you have a Japanese car or European car, you need to find out if your used car has been in an accident in previous.

Well, if you know where to look for the basic stuff, you would not get ripped off.

There are many different signs to find out.

Check the alignment of body panels and doors. Does the gap between the fender and the hood not seem right? Does the gap seem to be different on one end to the other.

Open all the doors and check to make sure that they open and close properly. Does the door hit the fender upon closing or catching the fender or door when open or closing?

Looking at the paint closely and also stand in the angle will also give you an indication. Paints are mixed when they are used. Even it looks like the same color until you really see them closely, they are different. Especially color like Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and even white are easy to see if any panels are repainted because the original panels do get color fade and very hard to get a match. Also look for any drips or runs in the paint.

Check for smooth lines in the body panels. Sometimes it is very hard, even for the most experienced technician, to create and follow all those difficult curves. Always Check one side of the car and compare it to the other.

It is very important if you see any mark or signs on the body, Look DEEPER.

Remember, just because there are signs of an accident it doesn’t always mean that 100% accident car. Sometimes parts of the cars have been repaired or replaced for minor things like scratches or fender might changed.

Japanese Modified Cars

Posted by Richard On Thursday, April 1st, 2010

We have a passion for modified cars here at B-Spex.

Over the years we have checked out, bought and sold 100′s. Japan is a special place when it comes to modifications. More money, time and effort is spent than almost anywhere in the world in doing so. Sometimes the modifications cost more than the original car cost. Then with the originality of Japanese customization comes into play the outcome is so incredibly unique. You too can have a true piece of ‘Fast and Furious‘ yourself.

Here are a few examples from todays auction:


Mitsubishi Evolution
180 SX

At B-Spex we can source for you modified cars of any type from Japan.