How to find out Accident Cars?

Posted by Bob On Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

How to find out Accident Cars?

If you have a Japanese car or European car, you need to find out if your used car has been in an accident in previous.

Well, if you know where to look for the basic stuff, you would not get ripped off.

There are many different signs to find out.

Check the alignment of body panels and doors. Does the gap between the fender and the hood not seem right? Does the gap seem to be different on one end to the other.

Open all the doors and check to make sure that they open and close properly. Does the door hit the fender upon closing or catching the fender or door when open or closing?

Looking at the paint closely and also stand in the angle will also give you an indication. Paints are mixed when they are used. Even it looks like the same color until you really see them closely, they are different. Especially color like Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and even white are easy to see if any panels are repainted because the original panels do get color fade and very hard to get a match. Also look for any drips or runs in the paint.

Check for smooth lines in the body panels. Sometimes it is very hard, even for the most experienced technician, to create and follow all those difficult curves. Always Check one side of the car and compare it to the other.

It is very important if you see any mark or signs on the body, Look DEEPER.

Remember, just because there are signs of an accident it doesn’t always mean that 100% accident car. Sometimes parts of the cars have been repaired or replaced for minor things like scratches or fender might changed.

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