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Original New Toyota Parts available , just send us the parts number and model code.


Performance Cars

At B-Spex we supply anything from trucks to luxury cars and even your average Toyota Corolla, but something we love to do is deal in performance, drift and modified cars. Wether you are into AE86′s, Sylvia’s or Skylines our capable staff have the perfect eye to make sure it is a winner.

Agent Recruitment


Professional and outsourcing Buying agent based in Japan

We are looking for a outsourcing buying agent, regardless of the time zone and region.  Able to work from home. Talk to us.


Car export Japan B-Spex

Mitsubishi Pajero

Based in the Osaka/Kobe area, we have been specialists in exporting cars from Japan for over 10 years.


We pride ourselves in having a system which allows you to search 40,000 more cars as well as the auction cars.

Ease of use

Our online auction system allows you to choose the cars you are interested in immediately. You can directly enter how much you are wanting to pay for any particular vehicle. We will then sort out the purchasing and export details for you.

Online Auction site


The huge amount of cars available on the auction system (around 150,000 per week) mean that almost any car you can imagine is at your fingertips, we can also source rare and custom cars for you via other sources such as local dealers and Yahoo Auction.


We take care of the whole export process making exporting cars from Japan a breeze.

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