Hope for Tohoku

Posted by Bob On Thursday, October 27th, 2011

7/8-11 Thoughts from Shiho-san

I went to Ishinomaki from July 8-11.

The trip took more than 12 hours each way. The people in Ishinomaki would love to return to their normal lives, but so many can not.

Even during our short stay there, there was an earthquake that measured 4 on the Japanese scale and a tsunami warning was issued. We evacuated to higher ground with the local people. Though 4 months have passed since the big earthquake, aftershocks and tsunami warnings are now still a part of daily life causing instability and fear for those living there.

Though they face so much difficulty, the people are working very hard to put their lives back together. I feel a great respect for them. I saw the light of great hope in these people, and through that I was encouraged by them! I hope we will continue to do whatever we can and whatever will be useful for the people there. I want to say thank you to everyone who accepted us!

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