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BI Fuel Car

Posted by Bob On Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Offer BI Fuel Car

What is Bi fuel??

Bi-fuel vehicles are vehicles with multi-fuel engines capable of running on two fuels. On internal combustion engines one fuel is gasoline or diesel, and the other is an alternate fuel such as natural gas (CNG), LPG, or hydrogen.[1] The two fuels are stored in separate tanks and the engine runs on one fuel at a time, unlike flexible-fuel vehicles (“dual-fuel”), that store the two different fuels mixed together in the same tank, and the resulting blend is burned in the combustion chamber. Bi-fuel vehicles have the capability to switch back and forth from gasoline or diesel to the other fuel, manually or automatically.

The most common technology and alternate fuel available in the market for bi-fuel gasoline cars is natural gas (CNG),[6] and it is used mainly in Europe, where Italycurrently has the largest number of CNG vehicles. They are also used in South America, where these vehicles are mainly used as taxicabs in main cities of Braziland Argentina. Normally, standard gasoline vehicles are retrofitted in specialized shops, which involve installing the gas cylinder in the trunk and the CNG injection system and electronics.

It is common to use CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) or LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) for bi-fuel operations. Both are also mostly used for Generator sets conversions, because the engine does not loose the output power.

So why use Bi fuel ?

Gas-powered car saves up to 40% of fuel costs

Long-lasting and safer than retrofit solutions

Let me give you one example of a VW polo

The Polo has a driving range of about 400 miles on LPG and total combined range of over 800 miles when both fuel sources are used. The driver can switch between LPG and gasoline using a switch on the dashboard. Running on LPG, the Polo is rated at 29 miles per gallon (U.S.) or 132 grams / kilometer of CO2. On gasoline, that goes to 38.6 mpg (U.S.) but 146 g / km CO2 because of the greater carbon density of gasoline.

Conclusions: We are able to install a Bi fuel system on any type of cars, there are some exceptions.

So how to purchase a Bi fuel car??

We can purchase a brand new car and install the system for you.

We can purchase a used car and install the system for you.

Then we organize the export process.

It is getting very popular in overseas so if you are interested, please contact us.

Thank you

How to make your car faster!

Posted by Bob On Saturday, April 17th, 2010

How to maker your car faster.

There are some things you can do to improve your car (performance) but it is totally depends on your budget.

The computer: Now days almost all the cars are relied on computers in other words car can be adjusted the amount of air and fuel by touching the computer. There are wide range of computers you can get from $150 to over thousand dollars.

Computer will increases the horse power (HP) of your car but there is always a down side to it. It will not be economical as used to be.

Camshafts: After market Camshaft basically gives more fuel and air mixture in order to contribute more power. it is like a door opening and closing. This allows more fuel and air coming to the engine to increase the top end power. it is called (High RPM).

Air filter: Allows more air to coming into the engine. This can be done very easy and can be put it back to the original easily. This allow about 3-5 % more power to your engine however it depends on the models.

Inter cooler: Another way to take more air into your car is by cooling the air. it is like the lice cubic it has more density. same as the air, gives more contribution when more air put in.

Muffler: it is more efficient to remove the muffler gases as quickly as possible from the engine. It is illegal to remove the Catalytic converter to get more gages out of your car. It give and protect the harmful air gasses to come out.

But remember there is always pros and cons to modify your car. Modifying is boosting the engine more than the factory standard which means engine will worn out faster. So very careful what you are doing.

Japanese Modified Cars

Posted by Richard On Thursday, April 1st, 2010

We have a passion for modified cars here at B-Spex.

Over the years we have checked out, bought and sold 100′s. Japan is a special place when it comes to modifications. More money, time and effort is spent than almost anywhere in the world in doing so. Sometimes the modifications cost more than the original car cost. Then with the originality of Japanese customization comes into play the outcome is so incredibly unique. You too can have a true piece of ‘Fast and Furious‘ yourself.

Here are a few examples from todays auction:


Mitsubishi Evolution
180 SX

At B-Spex we can source for you modified cars of any type from Japan.