B-Spex Trading Ltd.

Based in the Kansai area with over 10 years experience, we will provide you with an excellent and efficient service.

Our customers use us because:

  • We offer around 150,000 vehicles weekly on our website for you to bid on
  • We have English, Russian and Japanese speaking staff
  • We inspect each vehicle bid on at no extra charge
  • We only bid on vehicles that we know you will be happy with
  • Our staff are experienced and professional
  • We will always be honest and upfront with you
  • Post purchase photo and parts postal service also available
  • Bidding is free!

Internet Purchases

Have you had a trouble purchasing cars through Internet? Nowadays, a lot of cars are purchased through the internet without being physically checked. At B-Spex we carefully inspect each vehicle bid on by our customers. We cancel any cars that we do not think are in sufficient condition.

B-SPEX TRADING checks all the below points:

  • Outside panel work and interior making sure it is tidy
  • Checking for visible after market parts
  • Make sure the tires are good, not worn out
  • Make sure engine is running ok
  • Make sure the clutch and transmission is ok
  • Make sure no rust underneath the car
  • Checking for oil leaks

All condition remarks will be posted to you via our website before bidding begins