Trustful Information

Posted by Bob On Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Trustful information

In these days, purchasing cars through Internet is very common in all over the world. and we do send a lot of cars to overseas and have a lot of repeaters.

This is because the information we provide is very Trustful.

What would you do if something unexpected situations occur, and you would need to take your car to a car repair ship to do some complicated work and do some other maintenance. Then you would have a really bad image of imported cars or even bad image on Japanese people.

In dealing with used cars, we always try to give you as much information as possible.

Let me give you an example of car which one of our customer placed a bid recently.

First: translation of the inspection sheet

Shift knob scratch. wheel scratch. left rear fender panel changed. left rear pillar repaired. right rear fender changed. front and rear bumper scratch. left rear door scratch. interior grade A.

Physical inspection report:

left rear panel not changed. left rear panel repaired when open the rear interior cover visible repair job. back panel ok. right rear fender visible repainted job outside. front bumper scratch. tires front and rear 8 mm. engine and transmission ok. shift knob scratch. interior good condition.air con ok. power window ok. power steering ok. no rust underneath.

We are always checking cars if we are buying cars personally. Also the km looks genuine. Seat condition looks genuine. Of cause, sometimes it is very hard to see but if you want 20-30,000 km cars, you would expect the interior condition to be tidy. (not seats ripped or steering wheel ripped)

We always cancel our customers bids if we are not happy with the conditions.

We don’t let you down buying cars through B-spex.

Thank you.

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