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Posted by Bob On Thursday, September 15th, 2011

I left to Tohoku on the 18 March 2011.

Just a while ago, I safely returned to my home in Nishinomiya. Thank you everyone, for your prayers. We were able to deliver the supplies everyone helped collect for the Tohoku area. The one truck wasn’t enough to pack enough supplies in, so we quickly rented a car, and were able to bring two car/truckloads of supplies. We stopped at a church at Sendai, and then went up north to Ishimaki, where the Tsunami hit hard. Many people received us with tears. At the same time, we were able to see joy and laughter in these people’s hearts. We heard some remark, “It’s been quite a while since I’ve laughed this much!” The sacrifices, thoughts, and prayers in Kansai reached to Tohoku and have blessed many. Tomorrow evening, our third team will drive up to Tohoku. There are many people waiting! Please pray that we can continue shining the light of hope.

To continue this, it’s even in the news, but the disaster area is much worse than you can expect. It will take a lot of working to get it back to normal. In Ishimaki, electricity should come back in about one to two weeks, but it is hard to know for sure. The water situation is gradually getting better, but there will not be gas for a while yet.

The Tohoku area are out of most food, (bread, rice balls, obento instant ramen, etc.) so our food supply was gladly received. It sounds like there is some snacks at the stores, but that’s about it.

There are some baths, but not all of the people can enter, so we ran out of wipes quickly. We ran out of sanitary products quickly, too. There are still loads of mud and debris all over, so boots were greatly appreciated. It was still very cold, so underwear, socks, etc. were good, too.

For quite a while still, these people will need our help.

This was pretty simple, but here’s my report.




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