Tohoku Aid-April 2011

Posted by Bob On Friday, September 16th, 2011

A Testimony from one of our team member from B-One

It sounds like our teams in Tohoku had a really good day today giving things to people and helping clean up some places. Through people that they meet, they are often told about someone who needs help, and today one of the places they were directed was the home of a 76-year old woman, who is living by herself.ツ Since the tsunami, she has been moving back and forth between the somewhat livable second floor of her home and an evacuation center. However, the inside of her home has not been touched since the tsunami! Because of the extent of the destruction, the government has basically said that everyone needs to get their own homes cleaned up・they will not help tear anything down unless everything is removed.ツ While some may be able to undertake this task, it is definitely a challenge for someone like this woman today! The team was also able to spend some time praying with her at the end of their time together. Loving with action and not just words is something we are getting a lot of practice at lately here!


In Osaka, we sent a carload off this morning around 8:15, and they were on target to arrive by 10 or so. Then the kids, grandma, two of our neighborhood friends and I headed across the city to our kids ministry barbecue.We had to postpone the camp we had planned for this weekend, but getting together today was a real blessing. At the end, our good friends, Chiaki and Yoichi, offered to take Josiah and Caleb home with them and their son, Kanta. Then, Chiaki came home with me to help out here at “Communication Central” for the evening!ツ We were able to get a lot done here and then finished off the evening with Jeff and his son, Caleb, coming over to fill up the truck with the supplies left in our house and garage.They will be heading up tomorrow, along with 9 other cars from different parts of Osaka! And amazingly, none of those loads will leave from our house! Phew! (^-^)

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