How, where and what JAAI Inspection Look For

Posted by Bob On Friday, July 8th, 2011

How, where and what  JAAI Inspection Look For

Inspection Criteria

1. Functionality: To ensure safe driving in compliance with the safety regulations.

2. Exterior appearance:

No dimples or bumps that require panel work extending over an area greater than a quarter of the affected


Corrosion must be repaired (Repair work using aluminum foil tape, etc., is not acceptable).

Any rusted or exposed surfaces must be painted.

3. Interior appearance:

The interior must be tidy without any excessive staining, etc.

The size of any damage to the seat covers, interior walls, sealing, etc. must not exceed 10 cm for a passenger

car, or 30 cm for a commercial or freight vehicle (Repair work using adhesive tape is not acceptable).

4. The windshield has no cracks or breakage greater than 1 cm.

Wiper blade scratches must not obstruct the visibility of the driver.

5. The engine and other portion under the body must be cleanly washed.

Rusted parts must be painted with chassis black.

6. Tires must be in compliance with the safety regulations.

7. The odometer was not replaced or tampered.

***case the Odometer Certificate is required from the importing countries or the Odometer Certificate.

Inspection certificate
The Inspection Certificate and the Odometer Inspection Certificate are issued for the vehicle that passes the inspection.

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