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MAZDA NEW MODEL SUV  ”CX-5″Orders for a total of approximately 8,000 units
Strong sales of ”Mazda CX-5″ New
- Order the number of monthly sales plan minutes and eight months -

Mazda Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Mazda), at the time, March 14 is number of orders total of ”Mazda CX-5″ newly released on February 16,8,000 units about to be minute and eight months of 1,000 units planned monthly sales announced that it has become a strong and sales.

Mazda CX-5 “XD L Package (cross-Dee El package)”

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Has greatly exceeded the initial expectations of both the vehicles with clean diesel engine vehicles equipped with gasoline engine powerful driving feelgood feeling of power, of a par car 4.0L V8 gasoline engine with a linear sense of unity with the car can enjoy. In addition, the ratio of different engineconfigurations, 27% vehicles equipped with gasoline engines, clean dieselengine-equipped vehicles is 73%.

Customer base is broad around the 30s and 40s, from a customer, even inlong-distance movement ”" that both is and economical driving performance”good” gas mileage in the car ”4WD” excellent design in the SUV “received avoice such as “high loading capacity. not likely to feel the fatigue and stress, resulting in high levels.

In addition, Mazda will be held from March 31 in all stores the same car trial ride meeting announcement.

“We evaluated many of our customers. At the same time, I appreciate very much, I feel a response to market development of clean diesel in the country.This the” CX CX-5 “new”, CEO President and Chairman and CEO TakashiYamanouchi -5 was said ”we are confident, and able to achieve more than160,000 units per year as car sales second only mission-critical acceleration,Atenza, Demio in”.

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