Posted by Bob On Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Volunteer work still not open.

The Salvation Army, which has had a presence in Japan since 1895, is sending a team to Sendai to assess damages and hopes to be providing food, water and other necessities by Friday night or early Saturday. In Tokyo, the Salvation Army opened its main building to house and feed commuters who were unable to reach their homes.

To avoid the unnecessary high way traffic and Nuclear leaking issue, we are unable to get close to Sendai we will have to wait until the Salvation Army welcomes the Volunteer workers to come in.

Therefore we are back to work on from 14 March. Apologize for the confusion.

But please keep praying for Japan.

Thank you

Bob Umezawa

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  1. bobu says:

    “Our thoughts are with you and everyone involved, we experienced a similar situation as you would know
    but not to the same extent, A Team of about 24 japanese urban rescue came to help
    and have now returned to be involved with helping you at home
    We are sure you will be of help with anything you can do.”

    a customer (New Zealand)

  2. bobu says:

    “Hi Bob, I am really sorry and sad to hear and watch what is
    happening in Japan .. our hearts are melting with what we
    see .. The news here in NZ are following what is happening
    in Japan minute by minute .. But I want to let you know that
    all the Church of God in Christchurch are praying for Japan
    and for RECOVERY .. Today in the morning at my church where
    I belong we were praying all the times for Japan .. Tonight
    and in our other Christian meeting we were praying for Japan
    . Its like a mission to keep praying for Japan until we can
    see a good recovery over all ..

    We are having very stressful times here in Christchurch
    because of the previous two earthquakes that did hit
    Christchurch, but now we are even more busier with japan
    situation ..

    For you to know I am Christian and we pray to the Lord Jesus
    for full recovery over all of Japan, I believe that the only
    security way for all of the Japanese people now is to be on
    the side of Jesus and be protected by His power.

    Thanks Bob and look forward to hear a better news ”

    a customer (New Zealand)

  3. bobu says:

    “I am very sorry to see what happened to Japan,
    I am happy to know you are ok,
    My family and I will pray for everyone in Japan during this hard time.”

    a customer (UK)

  4. bobu says:

    “Everyone is really sorry about the damage and loss of live over the earthquake,i’m glad to hear you and your friend’s are ok.
    Myself and i’m sure alot of the irish people will support and give what we can including the irish volunteers,to help out in this awful tradgidy,our hearts go out to the people and hope some lives can be repaired and saved i wish the best to you all in these bad times if there is anything i could do for you here just ask.”

    a customer (Ireland)

  5. bobu says:

    “Thanks for the update. our prayers are with you.
    We in Srilanka have faced a worst Tsunami disaster 6 year ago and we can relate very well how it feels right now.
    I am sure people of japan are rallying around to help families who lost their loved ones and their belongings.
    Hope and pray the nuclear leak is contained.
    God willing everything would come back to normal.”

    a customer (Sri Lanka)

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