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VGJ, presented an overview of the Tokyo Motor Show Exhibition

Posted by Bob On Saturday, November 5th, 2011

VGJ, presented an overview of the Tokyo Exhibition

Exhibition Overview Information about the 42th Tokyo Motor Show Volkswagen booth

Co., Volkswagen Group Japan (NYSE: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Angela Simone Sudori Sloane, abbreviation: VGJ) is March 12 (Sat) Motor TOKYO 42th start of the public Big Sight in Odaiba Tokyo Show Volkswagen booth (Hall 1, 4th Floor East) to announce the exhibition and contents. The total number of units, total of 18 exhibits. This includes two world premieres (world premiere) and the Japan premiere of six (Japan premiere) are included. Also, by Joint at the show as “SMART MOBILITY CITY 2011″ on the Volkswagen “Golf” electric car ride alone was world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year and the electric vehicle based on the “NILS (Nils) “exhibit.

[World Premiere]
Volkswagen at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show “world premiere” details such as names and specifications of the two world premieres scheduled for the first day motor show press day (11/30) to publish.

Japan Premier] [
- The Beetle (Zabitoru)
In April, Berlin, New York, announced simultaneously in Shanghai World “Zabitoru” Japan premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show. “The 21st Century Beetle” car appeared in the catch phrase of the DNA packed Volkswagen and engineering utilizing the most recent Volkswagen “Beetle” is a modern reproductions. The roofline has been extended, the side silhouette closer to the first model. In addition, wide and low proportions gives the viewer the impression of sporty. In this show, a premium sound system concept adopted by the guitar / amp manufacturer in the United States of legendary Fender, “The Beetle Fender”, including all three “Zabitoru” exhibit.
“The Beetle Fender”, state of the Fender guitar “Telecaster” dashboard employing two-color wood and shiny black exterior and glossy paint that reminds addition, tube amplifiers (400W/10 channel) with a . “Beetle” is a concept car represents the relevance of music.

- New Bulli (Newbury / concept car).
Volkswagen Microbus is revived as an EV that are loved by enthusiasts. Equipped with a maximum capacity of 40kWh lithium-ion battery, 85kW output, the electric motor torque 270Nm, can travel 300km on a single charge. “IPad” is filled with innovative proposals such as that used as a display controller.

- New CrossTouran (New Cross Touran)
Since its launch, the seven-seat compact minivan’s popular “Golf Touran” bumpers and fenders attached to the base only. 7-speed DSG transmission that can shift quickly and powerful 1.4-liter twin-charger TSI engine with low fuel consumption, environmentally friendly and active lifestyles.

Besides Volkswagen is now a popular compact cars sold in the country, “Polo” or “golf series” In addition, a large 7-passenger minivan, “Sharan”, an innovative mid-size car, “Passat” the open model “Golf Cabriolet”, the SUV series, “Tiguan” and “Touareg”, etc. can be selected for freely varied to fit your lifestyle, current Volkswagen line-up exhibited a variety of everybody We look forward to seeing.

- Exhibit Contents – SMART MOBILITY CITY 2011
Volkswagen is the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show Joint “The future of the city people, vehicles and energy technologies to realize advanced information environment” was the theme of “SMART MOBILITY CITY 2011″ two concept cars is exhibited.

- NILS (Nils / Concept Car)
September 2011, was the world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show “NILS (Niels)” is the support of the German Federal Ministry, developed single-seater electric car proposed for metropolitan commuters Volkswagen is. A combination of motor vehicle weight 19kg to 460kg safe and lightweight body frame slightly. Range with a top speed of 130km / h to 65km maximum reach. Environmentally friendly, has been developed to achieve more secure drive “NILS” is to be said in anticipation of future cars.

- Golf Blue-e-motion (Motion Golf Blue e / concept car).
In May 2010, was published in Berlin, “e-motion Golf Blue” is an electric car with lithium-ion battery and electric motor to the engine room of the front 26.5kWh. The maximum output 85kW/115PS, acceleration 0 ~ 100km / h 11.8 seconds. More comfort, drivability, and drive mode is set to control the range of 3. The planned production in 2013 “Golf Blue e-motion”, while a zero-emission Vehicle “golf” is a futuristic Volkswagen 両立Ta reduce environmental impact at a high level of driving pleasure and nature.

- March 12 (Sat) arrive in Japan – held a special commemorative event awaited Beetle fans
December 03, first day and the general public Saturday, a special stage in the Volkswagen booth in the same venue “Zabitoru” held a special event to celebrate the first landing in Japan with its customers. The event was December 16 (Friday) from 18:00, crossover jazz and club music festival will be held at Ebisu Garden Hall in “Tokyo Crossover / Jazz Festival” (Sponsors VGJ) rushed to join the DJ known, through images and music show “Zabitoru” represents a broad view of the world. VGJ will continue, “Zabitoru” planning the various events during the period before the sale, but will continue to operate, conduct special events in the Tokyo venue this time, already 10 28 ( Friday) from the Internet-only sites that begin with “Zabitoru” design contest “THE HEART BEETLE” third phase will follow and so on.

Profile of Special Events
Dates December 03 (Sat) 11:30 (held only once).
Venue Volkswagen booth (Hall 1, 4th Floor East) Special Stage
What festivals “Zabitoru” Amber, DJ Play & Image Show More

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the new generation electric vehicle “i-MiEV” started production of the North America

Posted by Bob On Monday, October 31st, 2011

the new generation electric vehicle "i-MiEV" started production of the North America


Mitsubishi Motors, the new generation electric vehicle “i-MiEV” started production of the North American specificationMitsubishi Motors North America “i-MiEV” began production

Mitsubishi 28 at its Mizushima Plant, a new generation electric vehicle “i-MiEV ” in North America (※) announced that it has begun production specification car. The company, in late November this year the U.S. West Coast (California, Washington, Oregon) was launched in Hawaii, and the end of its fiscal year 2012 to expand the sales area throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“I-MiEV” North American specification, in order to meet North American safety standards, and advanced air bag deployment system to detect and control the amount of occupant seating position, tire pressure monitor (Tire Pressure Monitoring System: TPMS), etc.adopted a new addition to safety equipment, to meet the needs of customers in North America, which also aimed at improving motor torque. In addition, the appearance will extend the full width of the bumper and larger front and rear increases the safety and stability, ensuring that residents have enough to ride four adults.

Mitsubishi Motors in July 2009, environmental pollution, global warming and energy diversification, as the ultimate environmentally friendly vehicles to meet the challenges facing the automotive world’s first “i-MiEV” which began selling . 2010 has started in earnest as exports to Europe, and cumulative production of electric cars has reached approximately 16,000 units at the end of September. Now, with the addition of sales in North America, steadily global expansion of electric vehicles.
* North American spec car sales country: United States, Canada

■ “i-MiEV” (North American specification), the main difference between the  specification available in Japan
Length: 3,675 mm +280 mm
Width: 1,585 mm +110 mm
Overall Height: 1,615 mm +5 mm
Tread (front / rear): 1,420 mm / 1,380 mm [+110 mm / +110 mm]
Maximum torque <net>: 196 N · m / rpm [+16 N · m / rpm]


Posted by Bob On Friday, October 28th, 2011

Outline of the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show

Posted by Bob On Friday, October 28th, 2011




Dates Dec. 2 (Fri.) – Dec. 11 (Sun.), 2011 10 days
Press Days Nov. 30 (Wed.) and Dec. 1 (Thu.) 2 days
Special Guest Day Dec. 2 (Fri.) 1 day
General Public Days Dec. 3 (Sat.) – Dec. 11 (Sun.) 9 days
Hours Press Days 8:00 – 18:00
Special Guest day 9:00 – 18:00
General Public Days Monday – Saturday : 10:00 – 20:00
Sundays : 10:00-18:00
(only for Dec.11 : 10:00-17:00)
(Admission time and number of visitors admitted are subject to change)
Admission Fees Adults ¥1,500 (Advance tickets : ¥1,300)
Senior high school students ¥500 (Advance tickets : ¥400)
Junior high school students and under free
Afternoon Tickets
(Available only at the venue Mon-Sat from 3pm)
Adults ¥1,300
Senior high school students ¥400
Evening Tickets
(Available only at the venue Mon-Sat from 6pm)
Adults ¥500
Senior high school students ¥200
*Consumption tax included in the above ticket prices
Venue Tokyo Big Sight
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo (
Support Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Ministry of the Environment
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Chiba Prefectural Government
Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA)
Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO)

Hino Announces impact damage and flooding situation in Thailand

Posted by Bob On Friday, October 28th, 2011


Hino Announces impact damage and flooding situation in Thailand

Notification of Thai Floods (as of October 28)

To everyone that is affected by the floods this week in Thailand, We sincerely sympathy.
We know the impact of the current situation and the damage caused by floods that occurred in Thailand.

1. Disaster situation
Manufacturing subsidiary in Thailand Thailand, Hino (Hino Motors Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd.) In the three plants, there is no damage to buildings and facilities staff. Meanwhile, Thailand is a subsidiary Hino Motors Sales (Hino Motors Sales (Thailand) Ltd.) For employees are safe, head office located in Rakushi, damage from flooding in the city center and some maintenance training center located in parts Bansai We are out. The damage caused to our suppliers and logistics system in Thailand again.

2. Business Impact

[1] Hino brand business
In a production line manufacturing Hino Hino brand vehicles in Thailand, to stop running in Dearimasu 10 28 14 10 by missing some parts. For the Thai Hino Sales are temporarily transferred to the Thai Hino manufacturing headquarters, we do business around the development.

Hino plant in the production of light-duty trucks in the country at the moment out effect Although there have likely impact on the future procurement of parts produced by the situation. Hamura plant in the production of small trucks While our influence at this time out, the situation still sourcing, might impact on future production.

[2] Toyota projects
For future production in coordination with Toyota, we have to decide, on October 10 for the Toyota production line manufacturing plants shut down according to the Thai Hino Motor’s missing some parts of Thailand and Dearimasu stopped from running. Toyota’s domestic factories Hamura vehicles (SUV) production lines, we have to adjust the operating time from October 24 through some parts missing.

Regarding the production of each production line will continue to determine the future while looking at the situation.

Currently working closely with the destination sourcing relationships, we are committed towards early recovery as possible.
In addition, the impact of floods in Thailand in this performance is currently unknown but, if you determine that a material impact on future operating results will be announced soon.

automobile export increased in September

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JAMA announces the automobile export performance in September and April to September

Automobile export statistics in September ■ 2011


Automobile Exports in the month was 477,911 units, 38,681 units 439,230 units compared to same month last year, an increase of 8.8%, exceeding the previous year for 2 consecutive months.

Vehicle breakdown, the

420,070 passenger vehicles (22,925 cars in the car KD) 32,948 units increased 8.5% yoy

45,773 trucks (21,742 units in vehicles KD) 〃 3,239 units, up 7.6%

12,068 buses (1,273 units in vehicles KD) 〃 2,494 units, up 26.0%


(Export value)
Export value is 8,943 million USD 11.1 billion vehicle minutes will 2,813.7 million and $ 3,870.7 15.5 billion of $ 4.3 billion total parts minute, 46.71 billion compared to $ 13.0 a year ago 2,346.6 million dollars and 2.5 billion, an increase of 19.4%.

Breaking export performance automobiles ● 2011 September minutes

※ see the attached related documents


Exports motorcycles in the month is 40,848 units, 1,576 units compared to 39,272 units a year earlier, an increase of 4.0%, higher than the same month last year two months.

Vehicle breakdown, the

316 units 18.2% 2,050 units a year earlier type of motorized vehicle

6,363 units, up 30.6% 1,490 car units of two motorized adjuster

89 of 9,619 units rose 0.9% motorcycle light adjuster

Adjuster units decreased by 1.4% 22,816 319 small motorcycles


(Export value)
Export amount, 2,988.8 million dollars 200 million vehicle minutes will 7,228.5 million and $ 300 million part of $ 4,239.7 million minutes, 2,867 million dollars 300 million a year earlier compared to 4,361.5 million dollars, an increase of 13.3%.

Breaking export performance motorcycles ● 2011 September minutes

※ see the attached related documents

Summary minutes of automobile exports from April to September ■ 2011


Automobile Exports 1,983,037 units in the current period, compared with 396,734 units a year earlier to 2,379,771 units, a decrease of 16.7% over two years and a half minus other.

Vehicle breakdown, the

1,738,517 passenger vehicles (117,299 cars in the car KD) decreased by 17.1% year on year to 359,312 units

193,521 trucks (vehicles 92,767 units in KD) 〃 31,587 units, down 14.0 percent

50,999 buses (7,274 units in vehicles KD) 〃 5,835 units, down 10.3 percent


(Export value)
Export amount, 6,971.4 million USD 45.5 billion vehicle-minute, will total 657 million and $ 7.41 billion of $ 20.1 billion 3,102.7 parts minute, 2,312.6 million dollars 68.9 billion in the prior year 3.2 billion compared to 2,238.5 million dollars, a decrease of 4.7%.

Breaking export performance automobiles ● 2011 minutes between April and September

※ see the attached related documents


Exports 221,834 motorcycle units in the current period, 4,499 units compared to 226,333 units a year earlier, a decrease of 2.0%, was negative in two years as the first half.

Vehicle breakdown, the

3,977 units, up 69.2 percent year on year to 9,721 units a type of motorized vehicle

24,616 units 1,054 units down 4.1% adjuster of two motorized vehicles

44,269 units 2,290 units, up 5.5% adjuster light motorcycles

One adjuster units decreased 6.4% 9,712 143,228 small motorcycles


(Export value)
Export amount is 13 million USD 27.98 billion vehicle minutes will 6,353.9 million and $ 6,074.1 billion total of $ 700 million parts minute, 8,864.2 million dollars 1.9 billion in the prior year compared to 7,489.7 million dollars, an increase of 3.8%.

Lamborghini “Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale” limited 150 units produce

Posted by Bob On Thursday, October 27th, 2011


Lamborghini “Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale” limited 150 units produce

Lamborghini Gallardo in the ultimate
Launch of the LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale

Lamborghini Japan (President: Reginald Bell Yeoman Street Address: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), October, today the price of Super Trofeo Gallardo LP 570-4 Stradale and Lamborghini Gallardo top model ultimate series released in September 2007 26 (Wednesday) announced, will begin selling Lamborghini dealer in the country through. Delivery starts in Japan is scheduled for December 2011.

Suggested Retail retail prices Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale (including tax)]

Yen ¥ 31,368,750 (suggested retail price excluding tax ¥ 29,875,000 yen)

※ Product images related documentation accompanying

The latest Gallardo is a model that is based on Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo machine known as the world’s fastest one-make race series, you can directly enjoy the excitement of motor racing on public roads.Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale, the production will be limited to only 150 units.

Suggested Retail retail prices Lamborghini model lineup (including tax)]

■ Aventura Tadoru LP700-4
Semi-ISR-speed AT 7: ¥ 41,002,500 (¥ 39,050,000 vehicle price without tax)
* Navigation system, lifting system, ETC standard

■ Gallardo LP550-2
Speed ​​MT 6: ¥ 23,031,750 (¥ 21,935,000 vehicle price without tax)
E 6-gear semi-speed AT: ¥ 24,081,750 (¥ 22,935,000 vehicle price without tax)
* Navigation system, lifting system, ETC standard

■ Gallardo LP560-4
Speed ​​MT 6: ¥ 24,764,250 (¥ 23,585,000 vehicle price without tax)
E 6-gear semi-speed AT: ¥ 25,814,250 (¥ 24,585,000 vehicle price without tax)
* Navigation system, lifting system, ETC standard

■ Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder
Speed ​​MT 6: ¥ 27,147,750 (¥ 25,855,000 vehicle price without tax)
E 6-gear semi-speed AT: ¥ 28,197,750 (¥ 26,855,000 vehicle price without tax)
* Navigation system, lifting system, ETC standard

■ LP570-4 Super Leger over LA
E-speed MT / 6-speed 6-gear semi-AT:
¥ 29,132,250 (¥ 27,745,000 vehicle price without tax)
* Navigation system, lifting system, ETC standard

■ Torikorore Gallardo LP550-2
E 6-gear semi-speed AT: ¥ 23,649,150 (¥ 22,523,000 vehicle price without tax)
* Navigation system, lifting system, ETC, dedicated exterior Torikorore,
Only interior (leather package I), a transparent engine cover, rear view camera,
White side indicator, heated seats,
Callisto Shiny Black Wheels Standard

Gallardo LP560-4 ■ Bikorore
E 6-gear semi-speed AT: ¥ 25,322,850 (¥ 24,117,000 vehicle price without tax)
* Navigation system, lifting system, ETC, dedicated exterior Bikorore,
Corolle vinyl interior, transparent engine hood, rear view camera, branding package,
Style package, white side indicator, the scope Pius wheel
Limited edition metal plate, leather interior package I, travel packages,
Electric and heated seats as standard equipment

■ LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale
E 6-gear semi-speed AT: ¥ 31,368,750 (¥ 29,875,000 vehicle price without tax)
* Navigation system, lifting system, ETC standard

Fujitsu, corporate car navigation voice guidance corresponding to the map display and four languages ​​”ECLIPSE” released

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Fujitsu, corporate car navigation voice guidance corresponding to the map display and four languages ​​”ECLIPSE” released”ECLIPSE (Eclipse)” was released in four languages ​​support for corporate car navigation- The display and voice guidance allow English, Japanese, Korean characters map – the industry’s first

Fujitsu Ltd. (Headquarters: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, President: Takashi Shigematsu Capital: 5.3 billion yen), the AV & Car Navigation Systems “ECLIPSE (Eclipse)” from the Industry’s First (※ 1) four languages ​​on maps on sale in early November, a car navigation system that supports corporate display and voice guidance.

[Planning] intent

With the recent increase of foreign tourists has been increasing use of foreign tourist rental. We will meet the needs of car rental companies as a convenience for foreign tourists, in October 2010, in-dash navigation for corporate memory has released a car navigation map display and voice guidance provides the first English .

Now, in addition to the traditional Japanese and English, also supported by Chinese and Korean demands increased, particularly from enhanced convenience. (SD card multi-language “SDB311M”)

In addition, when using for business on the map you want to see small buildings and shops, responding to the needs of, the city has to figure contains data for display in the form of detail of the building. (SD card more illustration “SDB211M”)

“Necessary and sufficient basic functionality,” “low cost”, “durable” body-proven navigation “AVN110MRC” a combination of SD maps, multi-language version, you select from three combined illustrations and detailed Edition that correspond to the various needs of corporate customers.

(※ 1) Alps Electric / October 2011

New Products [List]
※ Reference Documents

- Main Features

1. Multilingual (voice guidance and Korea Map / of / J / E) New!

2. New house-shaped figure chart display also supports the city!

3. Support tailored to individual customization

4. Expert support 3-year warranty

Mazda’s new generation mid-size sedan “Mazda (TAKERI)”

Posted by Bob On Wednesday, October 26th, 2011



Mazda’s new generation mid-size sedan concept at the Tokyo Motor Show “Mazda  (TAKERI)” exposed.

Mazda’s new generation mid-size sedan concept at the Tokyo “Mazda males (TAKERI)” First Public
- SUV New technologies adopted in full the SKYACTIV “Mazda CX-5″ Get well -

Mazda Motor Corporation (the Mazda), the Tokyo Big Sight from March 12 to 11 year (Koto-ku, Tokyo) will be held at “The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show” (* 1), the new Mazdarepresenting the generation midsize sedan concept “male Mazda (TAKERI)” the world premiere. In addition, SKYACTIV (Sky Active) (2) adopting new SUV crossover technology front “Mazda CX-5″ premiere in Japan as well, and then Get the latest technological and commercial vehicles.

※ Product images related documentation accompanying

Get this theme of Mazda, “the tip of the environment, as long as someone loves Mazda – car driving pleasure will continue to evolve.” Long-term technology development vision, “Sustainable” Zoom-Zoom “declaration” under, Mazda announced SKYACTIV technology to dramatically improve environmental performance and dynamic performance. Launched in the country in June this year, “Mazda Demio” Global markets have been phased in since September, and ‘Mazda Axela’ through some technology (* 3) commercial use.

“Male (TAKERI)” is a new design theme of Mazda’s “Soul movement (if child)”, based on the existing sedan not strong, and sleek styling aimed. New generation of clean diesel engines highly efficient and powerful “SKYACTIV-D” features including a fully integrated by technology SKYACTIV, strong and pleasant driving, providing ride comfort appropriate to the sedan. In addition to these SKYACTIV technologies, idling mechanism “i-stop (Home Ice)” equipped with electronic devices and systems and regenerative braking, fuel economy and superior performance.

“CX-5″, the powertrain, body, and fully integrated technology and SKYACTIV suspension is the first of Mazda’s new generation product line. ”Soul movement” based on the design, traditional SUV and express a strong life force apart from uplifting. In addition, a new generation clean diesel engine “SKYACTIV-D” was first adopted as a car such as Mazda, both at a high level environmental and safety performance and excellent ride quality and pleasant. We plan to introduce the domestic market next spring.

Sun invites the press * 1 on December 1 and November 30. Mazda’s press conference is scheduled for 8:30 am on Nov. 30.
* 2 “SKYACTIV-G” gasoline engine, “SKYACTIV-D” diesel engine, “SKYACTIV-DRIVE” automatic transmission, “SKYACTIV-MT” manual transmission, “SKYACTIV body”, “SKYACTIV chassis including”.
* 3 “Demio” is SKYACTIV-G, “acceleration” is adopted SKYACTIV-SKYACTIV and G-DRIVE (some models).

■ Buying Mazda contents
[Reference] Sell Cars
Get what:
- “Male Mazda (TAKERI)” The concept [world premiere]
- “Mazda CX-5″ (domestic spec)] [national rollout
- "Mazda tough (SHINARI)"] [premiere national concept

[Car] market
Get what:
- “Mazda Demio”, “Mazda Verisa”, “Mazda Axela / Axela Sport”, “Mazda Premacy”, “Mazda”, “Mazda Roadster” etc. (17 units total)

[Technology Exhibit]
Get what:
· “SKYACTIV-D”, “SKYACTIV-G” (1.3L and 2.0L), “SKYACTIV-DRIVE”, regenerative braking system

In addition to the above ※, “SMART MOBILITY CITY (Smart Mobility City) 2011″ (Organizer: Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association executive committee SMART MOBILITY CITY 2011) will participate in Buying.

■ Get an overview of the major
- “Male Mazda (TAKERI)”]
The new design theme of Mazda’s “soul movement” and is based on “intuition can be Sedanrashi everyone” and “emotional appeal in 突Ki抜Keta”, and we seek to achieve both a high level. Technically, fully integrated technology SKYACTIV, “SKYACTIV-D” with a pleasant ride and contribute to strong, providing excellent ride comfort by employing techniques such as weight reduction and aerodynamic improvements. In addition, idling mechanism “i-stop” to adopt together, with Mazda’s first regenerative braking system. The regenerative power storage capacitor and efficient energy released during deceleration, which can be used as electric power etc., to suppress the fuel consumption required to power conventional engines. The effect of these electrical devices also, “male (TAKERI)” achieves excellent fuel economy.
“Regenerative braking technology” is Mazda’s strategy “building blocks” of electronic devices and technologies step 2. Strategy “Building Blocks” is an improvement on existing technologies such as engines and bodies, not continue to phasing in electronic devices, idling mechanism Step 1 “i-stop”, Step 2 is regenerative braking technology, motor-driven step 3 (eg hybrid vehicles) has said.

- “Mazda CX-5″ -
Engines (gasoline and diesel), transmissions, body and chassis, the first of a new generation product line of fully integrated technology Mazda SKYACTIV. ”Dynamic spirit” as the first production model to adopt the design, as well as to express a strong vitality and dynamism, and also considered as a functional ease of handling SUV. We also manipulate the car senses sharpened at will, both at a high level environmental and safety performance and excellent ride quality and pleasant. New generation clean diesel engine “SKYACTIV-D” with the first Mazda vehicles equipped with a highly efficient direct-injection gasoline engines “SKYACTIV-G”, a new generation of automatic transmissions “SKYACTIV-DRIVE” idling stop mechanism, and “i-stop” the adopted, in JC08 mode “SKYACTIV-D 2.2″ 18.6km / L car, “SKYACTIV-G 2.0″ fuel efficiency 16.0km / L car (* 4) is realized.

* 4 2WD Mazda vehicle measurements

※ Product images related documentation accompanying

- “Mazda CX-5″ (domestic spec) – Major Characteristics of the

※ see the attached related documents

- “Mazda Demio”]
Technology SKYACTIV (SKYACTIV-G 1.3) for the first time adopted a compact car.25.0km / L as a class-leading fuel economy (JC08 mode) / 30.0km / L (10.15 mode) (* 5), while providing a sporty design and High quality, excellent handling at high speeds andstability, and features a comfortable ride.

['Mazda Axela']
The newly developed “SKYACTIV-G 2.0″ with, that provides a sense of direct manipulation “SKYACTIV-DRIVE” (6AT) with. At the same time to achieve a smooth and exhilarating ride, 2.0L Class (* 6) 17.6km / L for top fuel efficiency (JC08 mode) / 20.0km / L (10.15 mode) (* 7) to achieve The.

* 5 “SKYACTIV-1.3″ if the model
Excluding the gasoline engine vehicles with hybrid vehicles * 6 (according to Mazda)
17.6km / L * 7 Axela sedan, 17.2km / L accelerated the sport. For vehicles equipped with either tires 15 inches