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Stock No. : BSX-S88
Year : 1996
Maker : Nissan
Model : Silvia - E-S14 - 2000cc
Grade : Ks TURBO
Color : Blue
Price: JPY 0 FOB
Sold Mileage : 130300 Km's
Interior Grade :
Fuel : gas
Trans : 5 speed
Options :

BN sports type4 body kit, R.Y.O FRP aero Bonnet, D-max rear spoiler,
BN sports 30mm wide front wings, 20mm wide body work done to rear arch,
HID head lights with crystal cut lenses, LED euro type tail lamps,
HPI front intercooler, copper 3 layer radiator, HKS power flow, KTS direct suction, big capacity injectors, metal gasket, GT-R fuel pump,
Apex front pipe, Trust exhaust pipe, URAS intense engine mounts, Nismo intense intense transmission mounts,
GAB adjustable suspensions, pilo tension rods, 2way LSD, ORC 409D clutch,
Computer originally setup for this vehicle.
Weds Kranze Bazreia 18inch (F:9.5j offset-1 R: 10j offset+5)

Color changed to blue from black.

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